Rocking Movies Using Playbox HD APK On Android

The Tetris movie is about to hit theaters around the world. According to some rumors, within the film which takes its name from the game, it would be included an exclusive interview with the man who gave birth to the famous video game that has managed to thrill generations. We are talking about Larry Kasanoff. And 'thanks to its fundamental partnership that finally the film hits the big screen.

Tetris is no longer just a game but a real film that tells the story of the famous colorful blocks Tetris, according to the rumors on the web, has been conceived as the first film in a long trilogy. The story in fact is designed in large and one film would not be enough to explore the world of video games full. The director is keen to point out that in the film, not only the famous blocks will compete with each other in exciting battles, but will each have their own personality. Unfortunately the rumors are not many, the director is well assured that nothing gets leaked before dell'data out official. These in fact, as pointed out repeatedly in the numerous interviews in recent months, he wants the story to be a surprise.

The science fiction film boasts the presence of an exceptional casting of actors who were immediately enthusiastic about the proposal to collaborate, lending their voices to the realization of the motion picture film. The film that required a budget of eighty million dollars for the construction, is already eagerly awaited and will be released in the halls Thursday June 28 of the year 2017. The cast hired to participate in the filming of the feature film, will be made up of players from different parts the planet. Western and Chinese in fact, will work for the success of the shoot. The studio of Playbox HD that you are still dealing with the production and the making of the film, is the Threshold Entertainment Group. They deserve credit for financing a totally original film, fun, innovative, never seen before. Tetris is inspired by the old game now downloadable on any smartphone, tablet, PC or device which has the ability to connect to an Internet network.

The expectation of the fans seems promising and we hope that the film may have at least half of the success and popularity gained from the homonymous game.